March 2015 Treasurer’s Report

BEGINNING AVAILABLE BALANCE                       $3,370.55
     Dues                   $210.00
     Donations and fees      $47.70
     Miscellaneous income    $22.00
TOTAL INCOME                         $279.70 
     Comcast                 $49.95
     Speaker expenses       $123.17
     Beginners class         $18.15
     Website subscriptions  $389.00            
     Library supplies        $60.49
     Hospitality             $50.23
     Computer maintenance   $975.97
TOTAL EXPENSES                     $1,666.96 
ENDING AVAILABLE BALANCE                          $1,983.29
Asset Reserve                                     $3,500.00
ENDING BALANCE                                    $5,483.29

Mary Barr, Treasurer
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