Bonnie Vastag writes:

I’d like to have comments, advice, etc. on wikitree. A brother, with an interest in history and genealogy, has discovered it. He sent me a link to an ancestor and is asking if it’s reliable? I’ve spent some time looking at wikitree, reading FAQ, trying to get a handle on it. Frankly, I wasn’t aware of it. Thanks for any information.

I never heard of it before either. It’s at It’s free, and lets you put your family tree online. My first impression is that it’s similar to FamilySearch Family Tree in that it’s collaborative, and different in that it emphasizes the importance of sources (see their Honor Code page). There are some user reviews at GenSoftReviews and Thomas MacEntee reviewed it on GeneaBlogger five years ago. But I haven’t used it myself.

If you have any comments you can either write to Bonnie at, or comment on this post.

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2 Responses to WikiTree?

  1. Bonnie Vastag says:

    Thanks Mike. I appreciate the links (one of them I’d found). I did like the emphasis on sources. I suspect it has it’s place – as others have said, a place to collaborate and perhaps find “family.”

    I wonder if there is an “expert” in the area who could talk about wikitree at a meeting? Just an idea. Bonnie

  2. Joan Allen says:

    Well, the comments certainly were interesting. No, thanks!

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