Arizona State Genealogy Library in jeopardy

Suzanne Brayer is a leader in Arizona family history and has been one of our guest speakers. In email yesterday to the Green Valley club’s list, she writes:

Word came to the Family History Society of Arizona Friday afternoon that the state genealogy library will be relocated to the State Archives and the present facility will be closed as of this Friday, July 31st. What a shock. There has been no previous announcement as to the plan or the move. This came quickly and quietly.

The following letter, written by Linda McCleary will provide more detail. It is imperative that we BLAST email boxes with our protest. Please forward this to all who will be interested. Now is not the time to sit back and let someone else “do it.” We must all write letters.

Please contact me, Linda or Larry with any questions.

Suzanne Brayer

The letter by Linda McCleary that Suzanne refers to was published yesterday on the NGS blog: URGENT! — Arizona State Genealogy Library in jeopardy  Email addresses are given in that post.

I have not been able to find any information about the move at the state library website. This change raises questions about transparency in government even if one agrees the state needs budget cuts. Please take the time to write to Phoenix and express your concerns.

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