States being researched by members

The Genealogy Room had a notebook of spreadsheets that displayed information about who and where some of our members were researching their family tree. We decided more of the members would have access if this information was posted on-line on our club website. This first spreadsheet shows a list of states (United States) and the names of club members that are researching their family history in those states. It is in .pdf format so anyone can open and read it. You don’t have to have Microsoft Office or any other spreadsheet software to view the information. If you would like to change the information under your name or if you would like to add information about where you are researching your family, please feel free to e-mail me and I will update the information. My e-mail is If you don’t use e-mail, feel free to leave the information for me in the Genealogy Room. I hope this encourages us to share information with each other and help each other out. Andrea

States where members are researching family history

Updated as of 10/13/2015

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