Surnames being researched by members

I also have a spreadsheet of surnames being researched, but I was not sure if members would be interested in viewing it. Please give me some feedback on that. Andrea

Surnames being searched by members

Updated as of 10/13/2015

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4 Responses to Surnames being researched by members

  1. Joan E. says:

    I need permission to open this file. Joan Eddy

  2. Art Petty says:

    Great idea, however, I encountered a couple of problems when I attempted to view. I suspect the “link” is incorrect for the “States being researched.” I wound up in the “Countries being researched instead.” Also, when I attempted to enter the “Names” list, I got the following message, “You Need Permission.”

    Wonderful idea so hopefully these will be easy fixes. Art Petty

  3. Jay Edwards says:

    Very handy & thanks. I would like to add Dana in England, Penn in PA, Stanley in CO & possibly some more. Can you do that for me please.

  4. Joan Allen says:

    Joan Allen should be in North Carolina, not New York . . . and make it John Allen.


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