Family Tree Maker

I’ve received several posts from Nova Development telling me there is a new version of Family Tree Maker.    I didn’t see any year written on the box, so I called ancestry.    They told me that they do NOT know of a new version.   The last published version is FTM 2014.

Please consider facilitating the FTM SIG.   It will be as frequently as you or other members are willing to host.

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3 Responses to Family Tree Maker

  1. Brad Curtis says:

    I still use FTM 2012. When FTM 2014 was announced I didn’t see a whole lot of improvement.
    I just revisited the issue and see that what they offer is an Upgrade 2014 nothing newer than that.
    I will keep you posted!

  2. Karen Haider says:

    I heard that it has an update for using it with Windows 10. So if you are using Windows 10 and having problems with Family Tree Maker, you might want to investigate.

  3. Richard Sauer says:

    I would not feel comfortable leading. SIG on FTM 14 as I have been unable to spend the time becoming familiar with it. I might join a SIG on the topic though.

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