New genealogy books

Six new books have been added to our club library. All are shelved in Research except for the last, which is in US/Missouri:

  • Unofficial Guide to  Just published this fall, this is an excellent overview of the, the website that’s giving a run for its money. The book’s author, Dana McCullough, is a former editor and writer for Family Tree Magazine like our January speaker David Fryxell. After four chapters for beginners, the meat of the book is in the eight remaining chapters on the various record collections.
  • Elements of Genealogical Analysis: This is the winner of this year’s Award for Excellence in genealogical methods and sources from NGS. Robert Charles Anderson, the author, is director of The Great Migration Study Project on New England, 1620 – 1640. The book is about evidence and proof, along the lines of Jones’ “Mastering Genealogical Proof.” It’s shelved in Research.
  • How to Research American Indian Blood Lines: This 100-page volume is an overview of Native American research in general, its problems and sources. It does not focus on any particular nation or tribe. Its author is Cecilia Svinth Carpenter who’s written a number of other works on Native American history. It’s also in Research.
  • Revolutionary War Genealogy; and
  • War of 1812 Genealogy; and
  • Missouri Genealogical Research: These three books are by George K. Schweitzer. They were all privately published, so they’re not as attractive as the books above. All were published before 2000 and have no references to online data. What they do offer is a wealth of detail on what sources are available in the three areas of research.

The last four books were donated by Evelyn Thomson.

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