New books: PA, New England

Our club library has two new books, one on Colonial New England and one on Pennsylvania:

Researching Your Colonial New England Ancestors by Patricia Law Hatcher. This book is nicely produced and looks very readable. From the Introduction:

This book is intended as an introduction to finding your ancestor in colonial New England. It assumes that you have arrived in the colonial period through sound genealogical research and that you are familiar with basic records, repositories, and research techniques. Therefore, it focuses on what might be different about research in the colonial period. It does not repeat basics of genealogical research.

This is shelved in the New England section of our USA collection.

Pennsylvania Research: County and Township Records  by John T. Humphrey. This is an extremely detailed account of records available for Pennsylvania Research. It’s more of a reference work than a how-to book. There’s a chapter for each of PA’s dozens of counties. Each county chapter lists the county’s courthouse address, website, and the names of the townships therein. As you’d expect, it’s in the Pennsylvania subsection of our USA collection. Thanks to Lynne Brooke for recommending this one.

Both of these were checked out at today’s meeting, but will be back on our library shelves soon. Stop by & have a look.

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