FTM news

Not long ago Ancestry.com said it would stop selling and supporting Family Tree Maker (FTM). This week they announced two new options for FTM users:

  • MacKiev.com, which “has been the developer of Family Tree Maker for Mac for more than six years,” is purchasing FTM and will now sell and maintain the Windows version as well.
  • RootsMagic, a desktop genealogy program like Legacy and FTM, will be offering the “TreeSync” feature FTM already has, for automatic checking of your family tree against the Ancestry database.

Further details are given in this Ancestry blog post.

My two cents: if I were an FTM user, I’d wait and see. MacKiev focuses on Mac software rather than genealogy so its FTM for Windows might not receive full attention. RootsMagic is well-established. But if it can offer TreeSync then other programs like Legacy could too (though nobody has said Legacy will be doing that). So there may be further developments.

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