Club computers: Windows 10, anyone?

Bob Oos was monitoring this morning and he and I got to chatting about Windows 10. We both had bad experiences trying to upgrade to it from Windows 7. Where he does have it, he doesn’t find it adds anything to what Windows 7 provides. This is what I read in reviews last fall.

On the other hand, the upgrade is free now but supposedly only remains free through sometime this summer. And I’d rather not have some PCs with 7 and others with 10 as that complicates use and maintenance.

I’m having trouble deciding what to do. If you have an opinion, would you please write or call? Maybe I’ll kick this upstairs and ask the Board to decide, based on your feedback. Thanks.

BTW — We have new blinds in the club rooms! A lot like the old ones! Check ’em out!

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10 Responses to Club computers: Windows 10, anyone?

  1. Norma Schellberg says:

    Hi, Mike – I have no opinion about 10 because I’m still using 7, and have always been happy with it. Perhaps folks in the computer club have some thoughts you could explore. Karen Hasselback (sp?) is a member – perhaps she can contribute some thoughts of CC members. Norma

  2. John Wilson says:

    My wife, Sandy, is in your club, which is why we got the e-mail. Even if I am not in the club, I offer the following comments. I, too, have been badgered to upgrade from 7 to 10. From everything I’ve read, it is not worth it really. Windows 7 works fine, and upgrading to 10 runs the risk that other hardware (printer, scanner), particularly older things, might not work with 10. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

  3. Rich Schlesinger says:

    I have played with Windows 10 when I setup my sister-in-law’s new computer. As you said, Windows 10 does not provide anything new and fabulous, especially for our use in the club lab. The issue with it is that it has a new user interface which can be confusing.

    My recommendation would be to: 1) Immediately upgrade ONE computer to Windows 10. 2) Offer some tutorial sessions on navigating Windows 10 … perhaps in conjunction with the Computer Club. 3) Gradually upgrade the rest of the computers.

    btw, I manage 30+ computers for the AARP tax program. We are waiting at least another year before upgrading.

    regards, Rich Schlesinger


  4. Sally Moya says:

    My daughter works for Microsoft and suggested I upgrade because other options wont be available after a while

    Sent from my Windows Phone fruit t ________________________________

  5. Brad Curtis says:

    My wife and I consulted with our son, a 30 year IBM veteran, and he said he didn’t see any real advantage to Windows 10 over Windows 7 however, this is the direction Microsoft is going so we would eventually have to change so get it before they charge for it. We changed two lap tops and our server. Overview: Microsoft wants to control everything. Windows 10 is a royal pain in the butt and avoid subscribing to a Microsoft account under any circumstances. Learn how to eliminate most of the Microsoft “Apps” and hold out as long as you can. Also, learn how to access Windows Explorer.

    Contact me if you have specific questions….I will be happy to help if I can
    Brad Curtis

  6. Sharon Lyden says:


    I did not up-grade to Windows 10 .….my husband advised me not to, as he had nothing but trouble with it and said it added little but frustration navigating into proper menu. Sharon Lyden

  7. Pat Menon says:

    I have a windows 7 desktop machine and I am very happy with windows 7. However, my husband bought a laptop loaded with Windows 8. This combination made some sense because the laptop was set up for touch screen for which 8 was designed. However, he has added a full size keyboard and never uses the touch screen features. He wasn’t very happy with 8 to start with, and tried to set it up as much like 7 has he could. Then, persuaded 10 was better than 8, he finally upgraded to 10. He has had nothing but misery since.
    Personally, for non-touchscreen machines, I think 7 is plain-Jane reliable. I wouldn’t upgrade till forced, and by then, something new will be on the market.

  8. Judith A, Cornelius says:

    We just got updated automatically from Windows 7 to Windows 10. A big headache, but we are getting used to it. Our neighbor had to help us find what we had before.

  9. says:

    Hello Michael, I was at Fast Rhino today, and they are keeping Windows 7 till 2020, when MS won’t be backing it anymore. Reason, too many people don’t like 10, (they hated 8) and have gone back to 7. FR thinks by 2020, MS will probably have a newer version. If and when the club buys new puters, keep in mind, if they buy machines with Windows 10, they can’t go back to Windows 7. Hope this helps Frances

  10. Mike Carroll says:

    Hey, thanks for all your comments. They were already running heavily against. I think Frances’ comment is the clincher because we purchased our computers from Fast Rhino. I’ll check with the board but I think we’ll keep WIndows 7 until we get new PCs, whenever that is.

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