Using your Ancestry tree at the club computers

Some members have their own family tree at and would like to be able to see and/or edit it when they’re using the club computers. This can be tricky. Here’s a brief outline of some solutions.

Bring your laptop with you! Easy-peasy, if you have a laptop.

Use two different browsers. On the club PCs, Internet Explorer (IE) is configured to log in to the club’s account automatically at But the PCs also have Firefox and/or Chrome. You can use one of them for your tree, and IE for searching. (If you log into your own Ancestry account with one of them, don’t forget to log out again.)

Make your Ancestry tree public. Then you can see it from the club account. This has other consequences that may be undesirable, like letting others copy your tree.

Give the club account access to your tree.  This is an “advanced” solution but one of our members has tried it.

There are other solutions, and variations on these. If you’ve found one you like please let us know.

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