Step right up! Get your DNA test now!

DNA_Double_HelixAncestryDNA offers only one kind of DNA test (autosomal). That test is on sale now for 20% off or $79. Click here to see the offer. The sale ends next Tuesday April 26th.

FamilyTreeDNA offers an autosomal test it calls FamilyFinder, and also the older Y-DNA and mtDNA tests for father’s line and mother’s line respectively. It just so happens they’re having a sale too. Their FamilyFinder is $79, same as Ancestry. Click here to see their full line of offerings. They don’t seem to say when their sale ends.

Don’t know what this autosomal-Y-mt stuff is all about? Me neither. Please contact Teri Petty ( or see the phone book) if you have questions.

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