FindMyPast gone; Fold3 fixed

A few changes to the club room computers:

  • FindMyPast: Our subscription has expired. The desktop links to that website have been removed. If you weren’t quite finished with it, they do have a reasonable monthly rate.
  • Fold3 has had a problem for some time with its document viewer; that’s fixed. I was unable to diagnose it until Margie O’Hare spotted that it involved our password manager LastPass.  I have one fix in place but am investigating others.
  • Reporting bugs: I added a shortcut at lower right on the desktop of the PCs labeled “Tell Mike!”. This takes you to the Contact page at our website and you enter a problem description easily. (Darwin will be informed too but I needed to keep the label short.) This is for minor items that might go unreported; please phone us if it’s something serious.
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