General Meeting October 2016


Oct. 12, 2016

General Meeting

 Welcome New Members-

 Welcome Visitors & Guests

 “Wait ‘til you hear what I found.”

 Minutes of May 10 meeting, posted May 12 – Minutes were approved.

 Treasurer’s Report- June, July & Aug. reports were posted Oct. 11; will be filed for audit.

 Committee Reports

1. Mentoring- Help Sessions- Holly Gibson – Check calendar for a help day

2. Membership- Mary Barr, Acting Membership – 175 paid members; 60 members present


3. Library Committee – Michael Carroll- absent

4. Genealogy Room Photos- Karen Jonaitis- displays on the tree of pictures. Of course, we’re

always looking for more.

5. SIG’s (Special Interest Groups)

Legacy Family Tree- Barb Krecklow- Meets 1st Tuesday- Conference Room #3;

DAR- Lynne Brooke, Holly Gibson. Meet Jan, Feb & Mar. Any current questions,

contact Holly.

Family Tree Maker- Rich Schlesinger. Ease of using Roots Magic. Absent

DNA- Teri & Art Petty. 3rd Wed, 1 PM

6. Program Committee- Karen Hasselbach – speakers for Oct-May of 2016-2017 are set for

the year.

7. Monitor Training – Joan Allen, proud of the hours the genealogy lab was open in the


8. Field Trips –

i. Green Valley, Feb 4, 9-3, Thomas MacEntee, speaker approx. $50

ii. 2016 Family History Conference ASU Institute of Religion, Sat., Oct 29, 9 – 4:20 PM


iii. Green Valley is celebrating 40th Anniversary, Thurs., Oct 20, 1-3 PM

iv. Pima County Genealogy, Free viewing till Friday 6 hours, seminars in Salt Lake

9. Display Case – Helen & Bob Jennette- Program speakers for Oct, thru May

10. Hospitality – Carol Fouch & Carol Bowman – Planning for 25th Anniversary Party next month.

11. Search/Beginners Class – Barb Krecklow- $20, Jan. 2017; Class is full with waiting list.

12. Surnames – ask if the members would review them at their convenience for accuracy

 Old Business

a. Nov. our SCVGS will celebrate 25th anniversary

 New Business

b. Co-treasurer resigned because of health. Mary Barr is acting co-treasurer. Looking

for a new co-treasurer beginning April

c. Lab closed, Friday, Nov. 4, 2016, 8 AM -12 N, Fast Rhino annual service of the 6

computers in genealogy lab,.

 Nov. speaker is David Fryxell, 101 Best Websites

 Thank you to all the volunteers… Can’t do it without you.

 Today’s Speaker: Oct 2016 is Jean White – Brick Walls

 Adjourned for refreshments

Respectfully submitted.

Karen Hasselbach,

President and Acting Secretary

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