SCVGS General Mtg 2016-11


Nov 8, 2016

General Meeting

  • Welcome New Members- 4 new members.
  • Welcome Visitors & Guests
  • “Wait ‘til you hear what I found.” Holly Gibson went to her husbands’ class reunion and while there received 3 boxes of pictures, etc. from a cousin. In one box was a family Bible with many extras including scraps of material, pictures, births, deaths, marriages, and much more  Holly displayed the Bible on the back table after the meeting.  What a great find!!

Nancy Sopwith stopped at Salt Lake on the trip back this fall and found that the name Ludwig was actually Louis. This has helped with her ancestral research.

  • Minutes of Oct 11 meeting, posted Oct 30 – Minutes were approved.
  • Treasurer’s Report- Oct report Posted Nov 5, will be filed for audit. Big thank you to Mary Barr.
  • Celebrate SCVGS 25th Anniversary 1991-2016 – Frances Rubino presented a history of our club and the information will be added to the History Notebook in the Genealogy Library. The information will also be displayed in the Display Case outside the Genealogy Room.

Please sign your name and the year you joined on the list by the sign in table.  This along with a card will be given to Nelson Souloff, the first president.

  • Committee Reports
  1.    Mentoring- Help Sessions- Holly Gibson – There is a need for a German translator for

someone researching Belgium/ Luxembourg.

  1. Membership- Bob Oos – (182) paid members; (71) members present today
  2. Library Committee – Thank you Michael Carroll for helping with the election today.

Karen Hasselbach reminded those checking out books from the back table to return them to the genealogy library so others can check them out.  There are more on the back table- remember to put your name on the list so she will know who checked them out.

  1. Genealogy Room Photos- Karen Jonaitis- new display is up with pictures of veterans.  Of course, we’re always looking for more pictures (copies).  Please add information about who, what, when, where and how related with the pictures.
  2. SIG’s (Special Interest Groups)

Legacy Family Tree- Barb Krecklow- Meets 1st Tuesday- Conference Room #3 at 1:00.

DAR- Lynne Brooke, Holly Gibson. – Nov 19th and Dec 10th there will  be a meeting at the Oro Valley Public Library for DAR beginners from 1-3 pm. This is posted on the club web site.

Family Tree Maker-  Looking for a new volunteer.

DNA- Teri & Art Petty. 3rd Wed, 1 PM  This month will be on the 16th.

  1. Program Committee- Karen Hasselbach – Will meet in January for 2017-2018.
  2. Monitor Training – Joan Allen- there are 60 monitors- the duties are posted in the lab. Please sign up on the website. Fill up the time slots.
  3. Field Trips – Sign ups on the back table.
    1. Green Valley, Feb 4, 9-3, Thomas MacEntee, speaker approx. $50
    2.    Green Valley, Nov 17, 1-3 PM Three programs:

(1) Sumner Walters will tell us how to use the GVGS FACEBOOK page.
(2) Research Logs by Debra Kabinier. Keeping track of all the work we do in

genealogy can be challenging. We often find ourselves picking up the same book

or looking at the same source more than once in our search to prove ancestor

data points. However, if we keep a research log, which is simply a list of sources

we have already searched or plan to search, we can avoid wasting our precious

time. This discussion will investigate Research Log formats to help you from

repeating your own research.
(3) Linda Hanson will present an introduction to DNA.

  1. Display Case – Helen & Bob Jennette- 25th anniversary will be displayed.
  2. Hospitality – Carol Fouch & Carol Bowman – signups sheet on the table.
  3. Search/Beginners Class – Barb Krecklow- $20, Jan. 2017; Class is full with 12 on the waiting list. Please check to see if your name, email and telephone are correct. She will be calling soon.
  4. Surnames – Members- Please review them at your convenience for accuracy
  • Old Business
    1. Fast Rhino serviced of the 6 computers in genealogy lab and found no problems.
  • New Business
  1. No new business

December Speaker: Steve Packer How to Use DNA in Family Research

Thank you to all the volunteers.  It can’t be done without you.

Happy Thanksgiving to all. Enjoy your families and friends here and around the country.

Today’s Speaker:  David Fryxell, 101 Best Websites

Adjourned for refreshments at 1:30pm.

Respectfully Submitted, Frances Everson, Secretary

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