FindMyPast and other subscriptions

2011_11_NewspapersThe genealogy database FindMyPast is now available on computers in the club rooms. Our subscription started today and will run 3 months, until the beginning of April. Their specialty is the British Isles (UK & Ireland) but they also have data for the US, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. For more info you may search their record sets for free.

As a reminder, our other subscription databases at the club rooms are:

Details: The FindMyPast link on the Windows PCs is in the top center group along with Ancestry and FamilySearch.  Our GenealogyBank subscription lapsed but has now been renewed; sorry for the inconvenience. It’s still only on PC #5 because it enforces a login restriction. The other databases are available on all computers (except that I forgot to put a link to FindMyPast on the Mac; I’ll do that ASAP).

On Tuesday, Pam Ingermanson will be telling us more about FamilySearch, the free worldwide family history collection that’s giving Ancestry a run for its money.

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