Saturday beginners workshop: online searching

Karen Hasselbach and I are offering a workshop this Saturday the 28th at 9:15 AM in the club rooms. We’ll give a beginner-level introduction to searching online databases like:

  • FindMyPast
  • Ancestry
  • FamilySearch

and maybe others depending on interest. We’ll begin with a general discussion in the library and then continue with hands-on sessions at the computers. It will run until we tucker out or noon, whichever comes first.

Because of space constraints, we’re limiting this to eight people per session. We’ll offer additional sessions if there’s interest. If you’d like to participate:

  1. Please click here to go to the room schedule and sign up for one of the slots on Saturday.
  2. Please bring one specific example Saturday of someone you’re looking for. You should bring not just the person’s name but a particular time, place and life event (birth, marriage, military service, death) that you’re looking for. We’ll try to run through your examples as a way of learning how to use the databases.

We’re looking forward to seeing some of you Saturday!

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2 Responses to Saturday beginners workshop: online searching

  1. John Moore says:

    We are interested in attending but have signed up for the day at Casa Grande .
    Should this happen again we would like to participate ,
    Bev and John Moore

  2. Mike Carroll says:

    The Casa Grande workshop has some excellent speakers and is only held once a year. You should definitely go to that as planned. There will me more of these Saturday events soon.

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