New Books: DNA, Scotland, Wales

Three books have been added to our club library:

The Family Tree Guide to DNA Testing and Genetic Genealogy by Blaine Bettinger (2016, 240 pages). This is a gentle introduction to DNA testing for the family historian. It provides general background on genetics and genealogy, discusses the different types of DNA tests and what they’re useful for, and concludes by reviewing how to analyze and apply test results. Shelved in the DNA section, bottom right as you enter the library.

Scottish Genealogy by Bruce Durie (3rd edition, 2012, 320 pages). The first sixteen chapters survey the various kinds of records available for Scottish family history. They start with the familiar census and birth, marriage & death records but continue on to records peculiar to Scotland: trades and crafts, legal records, wills and testaments. Dunna overlook chapter 18 on Internet Resources. Shelved in the British Isles section, behind you at upper left as you enter the library.

Welsh Genealogy by Bruce Durie (2013, 288 pages). By the same author and in the same style as “Scottish Genealogy” but for Wales, it includes a chapter on the Welsh language. Also shelved in the British Isles section.

These and the rest of our books are all to be found in our online catalog, which has a new look and feel. See it at our SCVGS Library on TinyCat.

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