New library books: Germany and Eastern Europe

Karen said “Buy more books!” so I found a couple. Both are paperbacks published just last year by Family Tree Books. Each runs to a little over 200 pages.

Trace Your German Roots Online: a complete guide to German genealogy websites” is by James M. Beidler. Part One covers German genealogy basics. Part Two is on the top German genealogy websites. Part Three attempts to answer your research questions. This book is shelved in the Foreign section, on the left as you enter the library. Within that there are geographical subdivisions; this book is in Germany. There you will also find an earlier book by Mr. Beidler, “The Family Tree German Genealogy Guide.”

The Family Tree Polish, Czech And Slovak Genealogy Guide: How to Trace Your Family Tree in Eastern Europe” is by Lisa A. Alzo. The first part of this gives an overview of the three countries and their history. Part Two covers geography, languages, and surnames. Part Three reviews the types of family history records available, and the fourth part delves into “advanced sources and strategies.” This book is also in the Foreign section, in the Slovak subdivision.

Don’t forget  you can browse or search our library using our new online catalog at TinyCat.



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