Types of Ancestry accounts

As Ancestry.com grows in size, it becomes more difficult to navigate. Here’s a quick note on three types of Ancestry accounts: Paid, Free, and DNA.

Paid accounts: These accounts give access to Ancestry databases. Pricing starts at $189 annually. This is the type available on the club computers. For more info see Ancestry’s comparison page.

Free accounts: A free account lets you build a family tree at Ancestry and also communicate with other Ancestry users. It’s this second feature that’s important for our members. When using the club computers you may find a family tree at Ancestry that interests you. But you’re logged onto the club account, so if you send the tree’s owner a message you won’t receive the reply. Instead you need to write down the owner’s Ancestry username, log on to your free Ancestry account (preferably on your home computer), and use Ancestry’s member directory to find the owner and send a message. Please see Ancestry’s Free Account page to register.

(Note: the free account does *not* require a credit card. If you’re asked for one, you’re signing up for a free trial of a paid account, which isn’t what you want. Please use the link supplied above.)

DNA account: If you want a DNA test, go to Ancestry’s DNA page. You’ll need to create an account to pay for the test and see the results, but this doesn’t require a database subscription. It also gives you the same privileges as the plain-vanilla free account including contacting other Ancestry members.

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