Genealogy Club to be highlighted in the Tipster!

The Genealogy Club is going to be highlighted in the September issue of The Tipster.  As part of the article I need to gather quotes from members about experiences or anecdotes that they may have about the club or genealogy sleuthing.   The theme of the page is “It’s More Than Living…It’s A Lifestyle.”

Please send me any quotes or fun experiences you have had with the Club and I will try to incorporate them in the article.  The more, the better.


Holly Gibson

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3 Responses to Genealogy Club to be highlighted in the Tipster!

  1. Sally Moya says:

    My husband’s mother was born in Tucson in 1910. It’s been an adventure tracing her roots because she does not have a birth certificate since she was born at home. .
    We’re developing a better picture of Tucson in those early years.

  2. Joan Allen says:

    I’d been interested in my family history since finding a partially filled out family tree in my Baby Book, but I didn’t know anything about doing genealogy until I found our club when we moved here. It has been a wonderfully life-changing experience!

  3. Donald "Mitch" Mitchell says:

    My mother always told me we were related to Benjamin Franklin and on my dad’s side of the family, there was just one Mormon. It took me a long time to “sleuth” this, but I eventually found I am a first cousin 9x removed from old Ben and there are thousands of Mormons in my family tree!
    It was a pleasant surprise to find the Genealogy Club in Sun City and was a factor of moving here last year.

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