Display Case request: communications

Please lend us your stories from the past about how you and your family communicated with your/their family and friends. Tell us how news etc. got around in “the olden days.”

If you have postcards, letters, telegrams, photos to add to these stories, please make copies of them and put them in the Jennette mailbox in the genealogy room for our next display case.

Thanks to all of you!

Helen & Bob Jennette

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1 Response to Display Case request: communications

  1. Donald "Mitch" Mitchell says:

    We started getting photos together for the photo case as to “what we did this summer” but since it doesn’t fit your current theme of communication.
    Would anyone be able to come see the photos we lined up which are spread on our dining room table, to determine if you would want them? We live on Coachwood Drive and are close by.
    I spent 6 months working on my Welsh project and now have 14 3-inch binders I’m going to send to a facility in Nebraska to be archived this week.

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