Club Ancestry account and online family trees

Our club email account received a message like the one above today. (The family name has been redacted to protect the innocent.) Somebody is using the club Ancestry account on the club computers to work on their family tree. This is probably unwise because:

  • Your tree on the club account can be modified or deleted by anyone at any time — you have no control over it;
  • Someone who finds your tree and would like to collaborate has no way to contact you;
  • You don’t receive email hints like the above — they go to the club’s email instead.

Alternatives are:

  • Get a free Ancestry account and put your family tree there;
  • Get your own paid Ancestry account;
  • Get a free account at FamilySearch and put your tree there. (Sharon Larsen is giving a class on this but it’s already started.)

Each of these alternatives has various pros and cons that I won’t go into. If you have questions, Andrea will be available this coming Saturday in the club rooms and I’m sure can answer them.

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