Sale to Members Only

I still have some nice stuff left. Do you need a small (flat) tv for kitchen or guest room? Are you a quilter (3 hoops, 2 mats, a rotary cutter, and 2 projects)? Do you need a counter top microwave (1 small apartment size, 1 larger)? Do you need a scanner for genealogy pictures (1 large, 1 small)? Are you a baker (1 older style Kitchen Aid stand mixer)? Do you need a dehumidifier? A small coffee table (glass and wood)? Small lamp? Large hanging light for your garage? And lots of other smaller items for computers, office supplies, linens, kitchen items, etc. Call me (520-825-6919), text me (225-205-8317), or email me ( or just drop by (13888 N. Lobelia Way at the corner of Lobelia and Cargondera) . I will be home all day today (Thursday), all morning Friday, and early afternoon on Friday. If you can’t make it, come to the Courtyard Sale!

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