Volunteers Needed! Help keep your club strong.

need volunteers

First I would like to thank the following members who have stepped up to fill in for volunteers who have stepped down:

  1. Sharon Larson – Sign-up Genius
  2. Pat Brown – monitor training and recruiting

Now we need other members to step up and volunteer to fill some other open positions:

  1. Hospitality – we need 2 people for this
  2. Web site maintenance – our website needs to keep the speakers and a few links up-to-date
  3. Computer maintenance
  4. Planning a spring social event – members indicated they would like to have one, but we need some people to step up to help plan and coordinate it
  5. Teaching a one hour Saturday Short on any small topic – these can be taught at any time (not limited to Saturday), and in any format (can be a round table or help session if you don’t want to teach). Come share your expertise with other club members.

If you are interested in any of these positions or helping out with any of these items, please contact Andrea (ahoust2@lsu.edu or 520-825-6919). We need your help to keep our club strong! Thank you.

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