Gifting Tree – How it works

Yesterday at the general meeting, we introduced the idea of the Gifting Tree. This was based on the board’s desire to defray costs as much as possible and a suggestion last spring from a member in a general meeting that members might want to donate a month of one of our new database subscriptions so we could keep them available longer. Please do not feel obligated to participate.

The Gifting Tree is in the club library, and will be brought to each General Meeting. This is how it works (and we are open to other better ideas if you have one):

  1. Next time you visit the club computer lab/library, or attend the next general meeting, take a paper ornament of your choice from below the gifting tree.
  2. Write your name and what you are supporting with your donation on the back of the ornament. (For example: Andrea Houston printer ink cartridge). You can choose from an idea on the list of Gifting Tree Ideas or create your own idea. You can choose to donate anonymously if you wish (you would just list the item supported by your donation for example: Batteries).
  3. Attach your ornament to the gifting tree.
  4. Payment can be given to a board member, to a monitor (who will put it in the treasurer’s drawer) or you can put the payment in the treasurer’s drawer or Andrea’s drawer in our computer lab. If you are donating an item (like batteries), you can place them under the gifting tree (like a present) and a board member will pick them up and distribute them to the right place.
  5. Thank you for your support of the Genealogy Club

Here is a list of ideas for the Gifting Tree. Gifting Tree Ideas 


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