Need Help!

The Genealogy for Beginners ILR class has 26 people (room capacity) enrolled. So far, everyone who has responded is a true beginner, so they are going to need help during the lab portion of the class. I can’t help all 26, so I am asking for help from club members at least for the first 2 labs. All you would have to do is walk around and help me answer questions and help them navigate the websites. They are all supposed to be computer literate.

The labs are from noon-1PM in the Computer Club computer lab in the Welcome Center on: Monday, January 7th and Monday, January 14th.

I am hoping a few of you can come to help them. We are going to work with FamilySearch, Findagrave and Billiongraves in the first lab, and FamilySearch in the second lab. Thank you.

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