Family History Center Personal Tour

The Family History Center East (Langley) is going to do a personalized tour of their center exclusively for our Genealogy club. The date is Monday, February 11th. The director and some of his staff will be doing the tour. We will be carpooling from the parking lot behind the Welcome Center at about 8:50 (we should leave by 9AM).

If you already signed up, I will be calling you or sending you an email this week. If you have not signed up and want to go, you can call me (825-6919), email me ( or just show up. That is next Monday. Their facility is really beautiful.

The group that went to the Family History Fair had a good time, and I think we learned a lot (at least I did). It was great to share a ride with a great group of people.

The flyer for the Family History Center is here: Family History Pamphlet 

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1 Response to Family History Center Personal Tour

  1. Christine Takerian says:

    What time will this event start and end at the Family History Center? Since I work during the day, I thought maybe I could just come from work to the event and leave from the event and go back to work.

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