December General Meeting Handouts

We had to change our plans for the December program as we were informed that the monitors do not have enough time between the meeting ahead of us and our meeting to set up round tables and rearrange the room. We decided to do 2 things instead. The first is a short (7 minute) You-Tube video on 10 best Genealogy websites for Beginners (see the first handout). The second is a longer presentation by Andrea Houston on Roadblocks and Brick Walls using an example from her own family research. The second handout lists resources that Nicole Dyer thought were helpful when you hit a road block. If you have a printer and want a copy, please make your own and bring to the meeting. We will have a very limited supply of handouts for those who do not have printers. Thank you for your help with this club cost saving.

Handout 1: 10 Best Genealogy Websites for Beginners 10 Best Genealogy Websites for Beginners Handout

Handout 2: Resource to help with Road Blocks from Nicole Dyer Nicole Dyer Resources for Road Blocks

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