The Genetic Detective


There is a new TV show on ABC (KGUN 9) on Tuesdays at 9PM called The Genetic Detective. It stars CeCe Moore. She is famous for her genetic genealogy skills. The show focuses on cold case crimes that Cece Moore has helped solve using her genetic genealogy detective skills. I watched the first one and it was interesting (although I wish it had focused more on genetic genealogy and less on the crime). The episodes are called:

Episode 1: May 26th – The Case of the Missing Lovebirds

Episode 2: June 2nd – Hunt for the Runaway Killer

Episode 3: June 9th – Who Killed Angie Dodge?

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I also watched this first show, found it interesting. Perhaps as the show progresses there will be more genetic information. Not sure I followed exactly how CeCe was able to track all of the family trees to find the man who had committed the murders.

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