May Meeting

At the April meeting of the Sun City Genealogy Society a consensus was reached that the club not have a formal May meeting. Members discussed that possibility of having informal meetings in the Genealogy Lab to help members understand lab procedures and programs available on the club computers. We also spoke about having experienced members available in the lab to help members break through their brick walls.

Karen Hasselbach, our Beginner Class instructor, will be available in the Genealogy Lab on Saturday, May 7th and Saturday, May 14th from 10:15 am until 12 noon. Please feel free to drop in during these two times if you are interested in learning about the lab or have a brick wall.

If you are interested in helping fellow genealogists in the Genealogy Lab, please let me know the dates and times you would be available. A schedule will be posted to the website as volunteers step forward.

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  1. Gloria Johnson says:

    Thank you Holly.

    Gloria Johnson

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