Display Case request: communications

Please lend us your stories from the past about how you and your family communicated with your/their family and friends. Tell us how news etc. got around in “the olden days.”

If you have postcards, letters, telegrams, photos to add to these stories, please make copies of them and put them in the Jennette mailbox in the genealogy room for our next display case.

Thanks to all of you!

Helen & Bob Jennette

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DNA Suggestion

From RootDig.com, Michael John Neill’s Genealogy Website:

Google That DNA Username

Individuals who set up internet accounts often use the same username on multiple sites.

If a DNA test submitter has no tree and does not respond to messages and you can’t figure out who they are, try a Google search on their username. That’s helped find quite a few people who had profiles or accounts on other sites–Facebook, MySpace, etc. Sometimes those profiles or information on those websites is enough to determine who the person is or provides another way to contact the person.

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Minutes of the October 2017 General Meeting

Please follow the link to the minutes of the October 2017 General Meeting Minutes. If there are any questions or modifications, please contact Andrea Houston (ahoust2@lsu.edu or 520-825-6919) Thank you. See you in November!

Gen Mtg Minutesa 2017-10 SCVGS

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Field Trips for October and early November

Field Trips image

Here are descriptions and links to the field trips I mentioned at the general meeting. I would LOVE to find a volunteer to help organize these (mostly just help organize car pools if anyone wants to go). There are 2 pages, both pdf files. Andrea

Field Trips page 1

Field Trips page 2

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David Fryxell Handout

I apologize that we ran out of copies. We did not expect quite so many people. Here is a copy of the handout. It has my chicken scratch on it, but otherwise it is what he gave us. It is a pdf file, so everyone should be able to download it. Please let me know if you have any problems. Andrea David Fryxell Handout

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