Club PCs: migrating to Chrome

Our club PCs have the latest version of Windows Internet Explorer. But some sites such as Family Search have messages saying it’s no longer supported, while others like Billion Graves just don’t behave properly. So we will be switching over to Chrome. The desktop shortcuts for the two websites mentioned now launch Chrome instead of IE. Eventually Chrome will be used for everything but I prefer to start gradually in case there are problems.

Logging into your personal Google account via Chrome from a public computer is generally a bad idea, and the club computers are semi-public, so don’t do that!

You do have to log in at Family Search. This was a change made to the website and has nothing to do with the browser. It’s best to log out again when you’re finished. But not as important, because Family Search just knows your tree, while Google knows everything about you.  🙂

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Genealogy Lab Security

Recently, there have been several instances of unauthorized people using the Genealogy computer lab. We believe this is because the front desk has always (with the club’s blessing) given the room key to whoever asks for it.

This is unfair to members who are paying dues and participating in fund-raising to pay for access to the subscription databases. It could also potentially pose a risk to our computers and software accounts. As a temporary measure, the front desk has been given a list of authorized monitors. If Lisa does not recognize you as a genealogy monitor, she will ask for your name and check the list. Please do not be offended by this. She is doing it at the board’s request.

Our long-term solution will be to get a key pad lock on the door. At the end of every February, the combination will be changed, and only monitors who are members in good standing will be given the combination (an extra incentive for people to become monitors!). For those of you who use the creative rooms in the activity center (sewing, clay, glass, etc,) this will be a familiar process. The administration has approved the key pad lock and is in the process of ordering and installing the equipment.

Thank you for your patience during the transition period. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Andrea or anyone on the board.

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Sale to Members Only

I still have some nice stuff left. Do you need a small (flat) tv for kitchen or guest room? Are you a quilter (3 hoops, 2 mats, a rotary cutter, and 2 projects)? Do you need a counter top microwave (1 small apartment size, 1 larger)? Do you need a scanner for genealogy pictures (1 large, 1 small)? Are you a baker (1 older style Kitchen Aid stand mixer)? Do you need a dehumidifier? A small coffee table (glass and wood)? Small lamp? Large hanging light for your garage? And lots of other smaller items for computers, office supplies, linens, kitchen items, etc. Call me (520-825-6919), text me (225-205-8317), or email me ( or just drop by (13888 N. Lobelia Way at the corner of Lobelia and Cargondera) . I will be home all day today (Thursday), all morning Friday, and early afternoon on Friday. If you can’t make it, come to the Courtyard Sale!

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Why Wait for the Courtyard Sale?

Andrea’s garage is full of donations for the Courtyard sale. Are you like Mike and Frank on American Pickers? Do you need something for your house, kitchen, yard, office, or garage? Can’t resist a bargain? You would be surprised at the variety of things we have received as donations. Give Andrea a call (520-825-6919) or shoot her an email ( to come check it out. Whatever we sell to members, we don’t have to transport to the Courtyard Sale! This offer will end Friday, March 30th at 3PM so come check it out, or call to see if there might be an item you need.

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Wednesday DNA SIG: GEDmatch tools


For this Wednesday’s DNA SIG (1 pm across the hall from the club rooms) I’ve signed up to give a presentation on some (advanced?) tools at the genetic genealogy website GEDmatch. These are tools that take “real” autosomal DNA tests as input and generate a virtual test result as output. One of them is irreverently called “Lazarus” (pictured). If this sort of thing sounds interesting, c’mon by!

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