Library Project – Phase 1 Complete!

The first phase of rearranging and reviewing our Genealogy Library is complete. Come take a look! You will notice that the lab is a little different (the second MAC has its own table like the other computers and the printers have moved). The bookcases have been moved so that they are in the light and you can see the books as soon as you open the door. They are arranged by category, but not yet organized beyond that (that process will be Phase 2). The desk is also in the library now. I am in the process of finding a solution for a projector screen. Would love to hear your feedback.

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Speaker Handout for Tuesday’s General Meeting

The handout is a little long, so if you can, please print your own copy. I will bring a limited number of copies to the meeting. Thank  you. The title of the talk is: Lunacy, Litigation & Love Gone Bad – Oh My, What You Won’t Find in the Courthouse.


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February Treasurer’s Report


Click on the following link to see the February Treasurer’s Report. Treasurer’s Report 2020 02

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Speaker Handouts – Amy Urman

Click on the link to get the Handout from yesterday’s General Meeting. The topic was Genealogy Abbreviations by Amy Urman. Genealogy Abbreviations – Amy Urman

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The FTM SIG for February has been changed to Friday, February 21st from 1:30 to 3:30pm.     We will meet in the library of the genealogy rooms.   Bring questions and we will work through them.   If you have something that is working for you, please come and share with your fellow family tree maker users.

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