Subscription Options for our Website

Here are some notes about receiving posts from our website.

You control whether you have an email subscription. Nobody else can remove your email address from the website mailing list. Nobody else can put your email address on it, either, without you confirming you want to be on it. (Russ’s list, which he uses for announcing when the club rooms are open, is different.)

You control the behavior of your subscription. Each email you receive from our website has a link at the bottom labeled “Manage Subscriptions.” Clicking on this opens your web browser to a page where you can choose immediate, daily, or weekly notifications, or unsubscribe.

You can subscribe and unsubscribe whenever you like. Taking a world cruise and don’t want to think about SCVGS while you’re away? You can unsubscribe as mentioned above, then use the “Mailing List” sign-up box on the home page to subscribe again.

You can receive notifications without using email. The posts to the website are distributed via a news feed. If you use a feed reader (or “news reader”) you can tell it to receive posts from and they’ll be displayed in your reader. Feedly for Firefox and Android and Reeder for Apple devices are two popular ones. I was surprised to see what our posts look like in Feedly on my newish tablet computer.

Questions? I’m at, and I’m in the phone book. Happy reading!

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