You’ll have to come down to the Society rooms and see the new carpet that the Association has installed.

With the very able help of Peggy Lombard, Mary Barr and Russ & Barb Krecklow last Tuesday we moved the contents of our two rooms into the Apache Room so the installers would have full access to the floors. And then this morning we returned to fill the rooms back up. We are human and as best we tried we “may” have returned some books to a shelf just a little out of place. If you come across that situation, I’m sure you know how to keep them in alphabetical order.

In handling all those books I had to marvel at how diverse our library really is. There are so many regional titles and ethnic titles and books for research hints and all the various maps and resources. I’ll bet some of you haven’t taken this membership benefit to it’s fullest accord. Do yourself a favor and kick start your search (we all need that now and again) by looking through our library. I am positive you will be surprised at what we have in those five book cases.

Again a BIG ‘Thank You’ to Barb & Russ & Mary & Peggy for all their help. Many hands made the work light.

Oh, and a Happy Anniversary to Barb & Russ Krecklow next Monday the 29th, their 57th. WOW !

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1 Response to NEW CARPETS ! !

  1. Sue says:

    Many thanks to all of you for once again going the extra mile.

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