Monday Miscellany: DNA, webinars, etc.

Genetic genealogy: There’s a non-profit organization, independent of those selling DNA tests, called The International Society of Genetic Genealogy. The have a website which includes a page for Newbies (those “new to the field”) with a glossary and lots of other info. The organization also has an ISOGG Wiki (online encyclopedia) and a Yahoo! discussion group for asking and answering questions.

SoCal webinar series: The ISOGG site mentions the Southern California Genealogical Society is offering a free webinar series with two webinars a month. Speakers include Lisa Louise Cooke and Jay Fonkert. (Free if you watch live; join the club to access the archive.)

New look coming for room calendar: SignUp Genius has introduced a feature called tabbed signups (similar to tabbed browsing). This will let our room calendar have one tab for each month, which should be easier to use than our current year-long scrolling calendar. I expect to construct the new one this month and release it next. It would help if I had a few volunteers to say what they do or don’t like about the new one, before I release it. If you’d like to “beta test” please let me know (

Occasional posts welcome: Lynne Brooke sent me that recent announcement she had via email, and I posted it for her. Dianne Parrott sent the Christmas poem the same way. If you have something you’d like to let the membership know about, please feel free to send it to me and I’ll post it for you. Or if you’d like to post regularly, I can set you up with an account and show you how to use the WordPress editor, which isn’t much different from your email editor anyway.

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