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Summer Sale: AncestryDNA

Haven’t had your DNA test yet? Missing out on all the fun? Don’t worry about needles, all you do is spit in a tube. And for the next six days or so, 30% off at AncestryDNA, only $69. (Ancestry database … Continue reading

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Updated Spreadsheets

Here are links to the research spreadsheets. All are updated as of 10/15/2015. Surnames members are researching States members are researching Countries Members are researching

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General Meeting Minutes October 13, 2015

The minutes were really long for this meeting as we covered a lot of material. As a result, I am posting a link to them instead of putting them up on the website. The link is a .pdf file so … Continue reading

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Surnames being researched by members

I also have a spreadsheet of surnames being researched, but I was not sure if members would be interested in viewing it. Please give me some feedback on that. Andrea Surnames being searched by members Updated as of 10/13/2015

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Countries being researched by members

This second spreadsheet lists countries around the world, and the names of the members who are researching family history in those countries. It is also in .pdf format, so you do not need any special software to view it. If … Continue reading

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