Memorial Day and Free Ancestry Accounts

For Memorial Day weekend (now through midnight Monday), is offering free access to its U.S. Military Records collection. If you’re interested, be sure to use this link:

After you enter a search, you’ll be prompted to enter your email address and register for a free account. But this does not require you to supply a credit card number or cancel later. The free account is useful for message boards; more info is available in this article. It can be hard to find how to set up a free Ancestry account, so if you want one you can go in this way to get one. You don’t have to search military records if you have other burgers to fry.

Have a fun and safe weekend.

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Bonnie Vastag writes:

I’d like to have comments, advice, etc. on wikitree. A brother, with an interest in history and genealogy, has discovered it. He sent me a link to an ancestor and is asking if it’s reliable? I’ve spent some time looking at wikitree, reading FAQ, trying to get a handle on it. Frankly, I wasn’t aware of it. Thanks for any information.

I never heard of it before either. It’s at It’s free, and lets you put your family tree online. My first impression is that it’s similar to FamilySearch Family Tree in that it’s collaborative, and different in that it emphasizes the importance of sources (see their Honor Code page). There are some user reviews at GenSoftReviews and Thomas MacEntee reviewed it on GeneaBlogger five years ago. But I haven’t used it myself.

If you have any comments you can either write to Bonnie at, or comment on this post.

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Links to Speakers’ Handouts

Charlie Shults gave an excellent talk yesterday. He also gave us the PDF file of his slides to put online, which is useful for two reasons. It’s 54 pages, too long to print, for one. And it has live links you can just click on, to go to other websites, for another.  The link is: “US Military Records after 1900.”

We also had a talk a few years ago by Sharon Scott: “Military Records 1840 – 1890″ and she gave us a similar PDF. That’s 17 pages. We have 71 pages covering a century!

We have enough of these now, a half-dozen, to warrant collecting them together. They’re all at the top of the Links page at our website so you can find them when you want them.

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Minutes of the March 2015 General Meeting

President Darwin Thornton called the meeting to order on Tuesday March 12th at 1 PM. He welcomed 34 members and 3 guests.

Click here to download the full minutes in PDF format.

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For Tomorrow’s Meeting . . .

I’m asking you to wear your name tag.  We’re changing things up a bit as our speaker, Charles Shults, will begin immediately after our business meeting.  THEN, after the Q & A for Mr. Shults we will break for the usual coffee and cookies.  We want to turn the chairs around and make circles so you can sip and sup and share with the others about what is happening with your tree.  Plan on sticking around for some time and talk with someone as this is our last meeting of the season.  See you there!

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