The Census Taker and the Genealogy Researcher

It was the first day of census and all through the land
The pollster was ready…a black book in hand.
He mounted his horse for a long dusty ride,
His book and some quills were tucked close by his side.
A long winding ride down a road barely there;
Toward a smell of fresh bread wafting up through the air.
The woman was tired, with lines on her face;
And wisps of brown hair she tucked back into place.
She gave him some water…as they sat at the table;
And she answered his questions as best she was able.
He asked of her children…yes she had quite a few;
The oldest was twenty, the youngest was two.
She held up a toddler with cheeks round and red;
His sister, she whispered, was napping in bed.
She noted each person who lived there with pride;
And she felt the faint stirring of the wee one inside.
He noted the sex, the color, the age…
The marks from the quill soon filled up the page.
At the number of children, she nodded her head;
And saw her lips quivered for the three that were dead.
The places of birth she “never forgot”;
Was it Kansas…or Utah…or..Oregon…or not?
They came from Lithuania; of that she was clear;
But she wasn’t quite sure of how long they’d been here.
They spoke of employment, of schooling and such;
They could read some, and write some…though really not much.
When the questions were answered, his job there was done;
So he mounted his horse and he rode toward the sun.
We can only imagine his voice loud and clear;
“May God bless you all for another ten years.”


Now picture a time warp…it’s now you and me;
As we search for the people on our family tree.
We squint at the census and scroll down so slow;
As we search for that entry from long, long ago.
Could they only imagine on that long ago day;
What the entries they made would affect us this way?
If they knew, would they wonder at the yearning we feel?
And the searching that makes them so increasingly real.
We can hear if we listen the words they impart;
Through their blood in our veins and their voice in our heart.

/Author Unknown /

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Minutes of the December 2014 General Meeting

President Darwin Thornton called the meeting to order at 1 PM on December 9. He welcomed seventy members, including one new member, and two guests.

During the “Wait ‘til You Hear What I Found” segment, one of our members described recently attending a cousin’s 100th birthday party. She brought with her a 52-page long family tree chart of the grandparents and their 11 children, thus garnering lots of interest, new family information, and renewed connections. She also wowed the membership today by unrolling those 52 pages of ancestors.

ANNOUNCEMENTS – See the club website ( for links to and details for the below events – preregistration is necessary for some of the programs:

  1. Pima County GS meets Saturday, Jan. 17, 2015, featuring Steve Campos on “Restoring Old Photographs.”
  2. Green Valley GS meets Thursday, Dec. 18, 2014. The speaker is Jim Kimbrough with the topic “Clothing of the American Colonial Rifleman.” Also, on Saturday, Feb. 21, 2015 GVGS holds their annual seminar featuring Judy Russell on the topic “Genealogy and the Law.”
  3. SaddleBrooke GC meets Thursday, Jan. 8, 2015 with Kristin Delaplane presenting “Capturing Family History through Oral Interviews.”
  4. Pinal County Genealogists has a day-long workshop on Saturday, Jan. 24, 2015 in Casa Grande.
  5. Langley Family History Library in Tucson is holding a conference on Saturday, Jan. 31, 2015.
  6. The FGS (Federation of Genealogical Societies) has a conference in Salt Lake City from Feb. 11-14, 2015.
  7. WVGS (West Valley Genealogical Society) in Sun City (Phoenix) is holding a day-long seminar on Saturday, Feb. 21, 2015. Featured speaker is John Colletta discussing several topics.
  8. NGS (National Genealogical Society) annual conference occurs May 13-16, 2015 in St. Charles, Missouri.
  9. Dianne Parrott, a member of our club, is coordinating a research trip to the Family History Library in Salt Lake City, UT in early March 2015, most likely flying out on a Wednesday and returning to Tucson on a Saturday. If interested, please contact Dianne at 818-6471.

The minutes of the November 2014 meeting were approved as posted on our website Nov. 13th.

The November 2014 Treasurer’s Report, posted Dec. 2nd, will be filed for audit.


  • Membership – Mary Barr announced 187 current members. Also, 2015 dues are due. Members can pay, preferably by check, at the next meeting or by placing payment in Mary’s drawer in the computer room.
  • Ancestral Search/Monitor Training – Joan Allen urged those interested in being monitors to sign up on the sheet in the back of the room.
  • Field Trips – Joan Eddy said she is coordinating travel by carpool for those interested in attending Pinal CG’s Jan. 24th seminar in Casa Grande; Green Valley GS’s seminar on Feb. 21st; and West Valley GS’s seminar, also on Feb. 21st, in Sun City Phoenix. Those interested in driving or getting a ride are urged to sign up on the sheets on the back table or to contact Joan.
  • Hospitality – Shari Norris/Judy Fairchild. Judy thanked those who brought today’s refreshments. Volunteers are needed to provide goodies for the March and April 2015 meetings.
  • Display Case – Sue Huffer explained that the current display of Christmas cards harkens back to 1845 England and a plan to increase postal business. The United States tradition began in 1874. Sue thanked members Karen Haider and Karen Hasselbach for their contributions to the display.
  • Genealogy Room Photos – Karen Jonaitis accepts copies (not originals) of old family photos, preferably 4 x 6, with names of the individuals, dates if known, location, other information of interest, and your name and contact information. The photos can be dropped off at Karen’s drawer in the computer room.
  • Library Committee – Mike Carroll said the NGS has come out with a set of very good genealogy research books by state. Anyone interested in making a donation to the Library toward the purchase of these books is most welcome. Also, contact Mike if you are not receiving new posts from the website and wish to get them.
  • Program Committee – Karen Haider announced there will be a meeting in January 2015 to work on programs for the 2015-2016 season. Volunteers are needed and welcomed. Please contact Karen if interested in contributing to this important element of the club.
  • Beginners’ Class – Barb Krecklow announced that the class is full and will begin in early January.


  1. As part of the transition to using SignUp Genius for computer and library room scheduling, weekly schedules will no longer be emailed after Jan. 1, 2015. Members are reminded to go to the club website and access SignUp Genius by clicking on the tree in the right hand corner. Room users will see the most up-to-date schedule, monitors can sign up for the various shifts, and the Havasu Room can be reserved.
  2. There is a sign-up sheet on the back table for those interested in ordering SCVGS polo or denim shirts with the club logo. Prices are $22 and $27.50 respectively.


  1. There will be openings on the Board for 2015-2016. Anyone interested is urged to talk with Darwin or any of the current Board members.
  2.  A member survey will be made available in January 2015. Member input is a valuable aid for the Board’s effort to be responsive to club members’ interests and needs.

Today’s speaker is David Fryxell. His topic is “Best Websites for European Research.”
The speaker for our January 2015 general meeting is Steve Packer on “Economies and Immigration.”

The meeting was adjourned at 1:35 PM.

Respectfully submitted,
Margie O’Hare, Secretary

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Upcoming Events

Here’s that list of events Darwin has been mentioning at our meetings, with links to their web pages. Joan Eddy is coordinating travel to the ones in Arizona.

This list is also available in the right sidebar at our website.

Most events require advance registration and charge a fee to cover costs. Colletta is very well known but the drive is two hours each way. Green Valley has Judy Russell CG this year; worth the trip if you’re interested in genealogy and the law. Casa Grande is five one-hour sessions with four speakers each session, lots of variety.

Don’t forget Dianne Parrott is organizing a trip to Salt Lake City in early March for those who are interested.

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Legacy announces their 2015 webinar schedule

As you have heard me say often during our meetings, I feel that we cannot get enough education and information to help us in our passion of genealogy research. That is why I push attending the local conferences or the occasional major 4-day conferences of NGS or FGS. Now I personally use Legacy as my “tree software”. You may prefer Family Tree Maker or Reunion or one of the many others, but I’ve had Legacy on my computers since the early 2000s. One of the main reasons for this is because of the support that Legacy gives to its subscribers. Legacy has just announced their 2015 schedule of Webinars and as I look through the listings I place the interesting ones in my Outlook calendar. These webinars are FREE (except members-only bonus webinars) and you can even watch them free for the next 7 days after the presentation. If you don’t know what a webinar is, think of it as sitting at your computer in your jammies and there are a thousand others like you around the world in the comfort of their homes listening and watching the slides of the many speakers who will present a variety of topics. These webinars are scheduled each Wednesday (and sometimes on Friday). Further information is on their website: .  I’ve copied and pasted below just the first paragraph of their news release. If you have a further question, drop me an email at:
Millennia Corporation and are pleased to announce that registration is now open for its 2015 Legacy Family Tree Webinar Series. Choose from 58 classes from genealogy’s leading educators (approximately 87 hours of free genealogy education) on topics ranging from genealogy technology to in-depth research methodologies and evidence analysis. See the complete schedule below.
We’ve added several new features to our 2015 webinar series:
• Evening webinars! For those who work during the day to support their genealogy habits, we have scheduled at least one evening webinar per month.
• Popular speaker and writer, Marian Pierre-Louis, will guest-host our evening webinars.
• Beginners series. Accredited Genealogist, Peggy Lauitzen, will present a three-class series designed especially for beginners.
• Researching with Karen! series. Submit your research problem to Karen for a chance to have personalized recommendations explained during the live webinar.
• Subscribers-only bonus webinars. Another new membership benefit for Annual and monthly webinar subscribers – private bonus webinars presented by Thomas MacEntee and Judy Russell.
• See which webinars you have registered for (another perk for webinar subscribers). Just login and the green check-marks appear!
Sign up for one or for all of them today (so you don’t forget later) and you will receive a reminder email both one day and one hour prior to the live event.

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David Fryxell returns to speak on Best European Websites

One of a favorite speakers is returning to our meeting this Tuesday.  He  brings to us a compilation of his collection of websites, specifically European websites, that we may have some success at finding those elusive ancestors.  1PM in the Navajo room.

Pinal County has produced a schedule for their January 24th conference up in Casa Grande.  Click on this link to see their listing:

Treasurer Mary Barr is now accepting your 2015 dues, requesting a check, not cash please.

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