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Our website provider ( has a way to hook up our website to Twitter. Posts to our website, besides going out as email, can appear on a club twitter feed. We won’t be alone out there; FGS, NGS, Ancestry, Fold3, NewsPapers, and GenealogyBank all have Twitter feeds, to name a few.

I’ll be experimenting with Twitter over the summer, to stay out of the heat. Anybody who’d like to experiment with me — or any members at all who use Twitter — please let me know.

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Memorial Day, 2015

Today is Memorial Day, the event some believe originally coined as “Decoration Day” about 1868. What began (by women, of course) was the laying of flowers on the graves of both Union and Confederate soldiers that died in the recent Civil War. The day for honoring the dead has been changed from May 30 to a new federal holiday in 1968 on the last Monday in May and was ratified by all 50 states soon thereafter.

Our speaker at the last general meeting, Charles Shults, gave an entertaining and informative talk about military history in the 20th Century.  Mr. Shults has also availed to all SCVGS members his PowerPoint talk in a pdf. format.  Click on this following link and follow at your own speed to the many links he describes in the presentation.

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Research Accuracy

The website AncestralFindings has an article on research accuracy that Christine Takerian thought members might like to see. It’s:
5 Ways to Tell If Your Genealogical Research is Accurate

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Memorial Day and Free Ancestry Accounts

For Memorial Day weekend (now through midnight Monday), is offering free access to its U.S. Military Records collection. If you’re interested, be sure to use this link:

After you enter a search, you’ll be prompted to enter your email address and register for a free account. But this does not require you to supply a credit card number or cancel later. The free account is useful for message boards; more info is available in this article. It can be hard to find how to set up a free Ancestry account, so if you want one you can go in this way to get one. You don’t have to search military records if you have other burgers to fry.

Have a fun and safe weekend.

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Bonnie Vastag writes:

I’d like to have comments, advice, etc. on wikitree. A brother, with an interest in history and genealogy, has discovered it. He sent me a link to an ancestor and is asking if it’s reliable? I’ve spent some time looking at wikitree, reading FAQ, trying to get a handle on it. Frankly, I wasn’t aware of it. Thanks for any information.

I never heard of it before either. It’s at It’s free, and lets you put your family tree online. My first impression is that it’s similar to FamilySearch Family Tree in that it’s collaborative, and different in that it emphasizes the importance of sources (see their Honor Code page). There are some user reviews at GenSoftReviews and Thomas MacEntee reviewed it on GeneaBlogger five years ago. But I haven’t used it myself.

If you have any comments you can either write to Bonnie at, or comment on this post.

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