Windows 10 and genealogy software

The newest version of Windows, Windows 10, has been released. It’s available as a free download if you’re running Windows 7 or 8. (There was no Windows 9.) Our club PCs qualify for the upgrade. Further details are given in this FAQ from Microsoft.

The Windows 10 user interface is somewhat different. I have no advice on whether to upgrade, except for one thing: it’s best to be using the latest version of FTM or Legacy before going to Windows 10. (Any changes 10 required may only be in the latest version of the genealogy program.)

I did check for compatibility of our genealogy programs with version 10:

  • FTM (Family Tree Maker): The only information I found is in the online discussion groups. A June discussion contains many reports of FTM working well under Windows 10, while a discussion started today reports a problem. A user says Ancestry said they are working on a fix.
  • Legacy Family Tree: Geoff Rasmussen reported on June 1 that Legacy works great with Windows. Google didn’t find any other info for me.
  • LastPass: This is the password manager we use in the club rooms. Windows 10 has a new default browser called “Edge” and LastPass is not available for that yet. But it is available for other Windows 10 browsers including Internet Explorer.
  • Fences: The desktop organizer we use in the club rooms works with Windows 10.
  • Ancestry, Fold3, Newpapers, & GenealogyBank should not be affected because they’re websites rather than PC software. But they have some browser add-ons that might fail.

I’ll upgrade just one of our club PCs soon, both to see if there are problems and so members can try out the new Windows if they like. The rest I’ll leave alone for now. Please comment/reply if you have thoughts or questions.

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Oh, my gosh ! Changes again.

Norm Franke called last night to say that Irma is going to live with him in his house.  So the posting yesterday by Michael is wrong.  Sorry.  Here is the latest and probably final address.

Irma Franke

260 Souwanas Trail

Algonquin, IL  60102

Norm’s phone number is:  847-854-5829

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Arizona State Genealogy Library in jeopardy

Suzanne Brayer is a leader in Arizona family history and has been one of our guest speakers. In email yesterday to the Green Valley club’s list, she writes:

Word came to the Family History Society of Arizona Friday afternoon that the state genealogy library will be relocated to the State Archives and the present facility will be closed as of this Friday, July 31st. What a shock. There has been no previous announcement as to the plan or the move. This came quickly and quietly.

The following letter, written by Linda McCleary will provide more detail. It is imperative that we BLAST email boxes with our protest. Please forward this to all who will be interested. Now is not the time to sit back and let someone else “do it.” We must all write letters.

Please contact me, Linda or Larry with any questions.

Suzanne Brayer

The letter by Linda McCleary that Suzanne refers to was published yesterday on the NGS blog: URGENT! — Arizona State Genealogy Library in jeopardy  Email addresses are given in that post.

I have not been able to find any information about the move at the state library website. This change raises questions about transparency in government even if one agrees the state needs budget cuts. Please take the time to write to Phoenix and express your concerns.

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Irma’s contact information

Frances Rubino asked me to post this update regarding longtime club member Irma Franke:

Irma has already left Sun City and moved to the Chicago area. Her son Norman Franke Jr. will be at his mother’s home from August 5th until the 9th or 10th, packing up the house to get it ready to put on the market and also for an estate sale.

Irma’s new address is:
1055 Silver Lake Rd. Apt. 105
Cary, IL 60013-3435

After July 30th, her new phone will be 224-357-4229.

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A Long-time Club Member is Moving from Sun City

Irma Franke, one of the earliest members of the Society, will be moving at the end of this month to the Chicago area.  Irma cites her failing eyesight plus some other medical issues as the reason to be near her son and other family members.

Irma developed her love for genealogy quite a while ago and has published two books about her family history. Ever the stalwart worker in our club, Irma has held office, taught beginners classes, facilitated the German SIG and has contributed much to this club.

Irma’s presence will be missed and if you’ve a few moments please express to her your heartfelt thanks for her work in the Society. Her residence is 1249 E Crown Ridge Drive or her phone number is 825-1198.

Irma will be donating to our library her many volumes of genealogical reference material which focuses on Germanic research and immigration.

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