Ancestry videos at YouTube has done some work recently organizing its instructional videos at YouTube. They now have a very useful Playlists page. This groups their videos (and there are a lot of them) by topic. For example, there’s a Genealogical Proof Standard playlist containing Crista Cowan’s six GPS talks, and another on AncestryDNA.

A group I haven’t seen before is called 5-minute Finds.  This includes a video
just uploaded last month: Exploring the Ancestry YouTube Channel.  If you’re new to YouTube and/or Ancestry, you should watch at least that one.

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Some repairs have been made to the club computers

I previously posted that two of our machines had problems found during the bi-annual maintenance.  The #3 needed a new RAM memory stick (as they are sometimes called). That has been changed and the #2 machine has gone to the bench to repair potential damage from 2 Trojan viruses.  Where they came from and how did this happen can be expected when we have public computers available to so many members.  The viruses are being isolated and removed and a diligent search for  remaining bad sectors will complete the repair. It should be available for return to the room on Tuesday afternoon.

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and let other members see that the computer room is open.  I see that Thursday has both slots available and so is Friday afternoon.  It’s a great way to ‘force’ yourself into that research that has been just hanging there for too long.  Adjust your many other calendar events here in Sun City and find that elusive citation for your 2xg-grand parents wedding.  (Did they ever get married???)  Maybe in the newspaper data banks of GenealogyBank!! Good Hunting.

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Family Tree Maker SIG

We will meet on Wednesday, Feb 25th, beginning at 9:30.

Hope the new location hasn’t thrown you off, but we meet in the Catalina Vista Building off Del Webb.   You need your residence card to enter the building.    The Mount Lemmon room is one of the first rooms once you are inside.

Some new members have expressed an interest in using FTM for the MAC.    Please come and tell them what pluses and minuses the program has.

Looking forward to seeing you.


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Saving a quid or a buck

Ancestry and FindMyPast each have British and Australian websites in addition to their US ones:

If you click on one of those “foreign” links you may get a message saying something like “Oh, we see you’re in the US, we’ll take you to our American site instead.” You may of course reply “No thanks, I know what I’m doing.”

For each of the companies, if you go to the US site, US records form your base package when you subscribe. If you’d like to see British and Australian records, you have to upgrade to a more expensive “world” subscription. At the British and Australian sites, of course, the local records are the base package and the US part of an upgrade.

So you may save a quid or a buck, if you’d like a paid subscription at home, by starting at one of the “foreign” websites instead of the “American” one. You need to be aware that prices are in the local currency; pounds sterling in Great Britain or the Australian dollar down under. Also, for any of the sites, you can register without subscribing, and they may occasionally send you a special discount rate not available at the website, in hopes you’ll sign up.

For Ancestry, all the records in these other subscriptions are already available in the club rooms. FindMyPast on the other hand is primarily British records, and the club has no subscription. I don’t see anything in the FindMyPast US collection that’s not at FamilySearch for free, so I would choose one of the overseas sites if I wanted to subscribe to that.

Caveat: I haven’t subscribed this way myself. But Pat Menon likes the idea.

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