Newer Mac Installed

At this month’s meeting members approved spending up to $1000 for a newer Mac. Club member Christine Takerian spoke to her friends at Simutek for us, and yesterday Darwin and I went down and purchased a 21″ Intel-based iMac running OS X Mavericks, with wireless mouse and keyboard, for $790 plus tax. It’s now available in the club rooms for searching Ancestry or FamilySearch. Mac users are encouraged to take it out for a spin during its 30-day free warranty. It looks awesome!

We have not yet installed Family Tree Maker or Reunion or any other desktop genealogy software. Let your Board members know what you’d like to see.

Printing: I removed the old printer attached to the Mac to make room for the larger monitor. The Mac now prints via WiFi to the black HP printer, the same as the PCs do.

Wireless keyboard & mouse: there is one unresolved issue with these. They are Bluetooth devices and the Mac seems to forget about them when it goes to sleep. Each has an on/off switch on the back, and turning the mouse or keyboard off and back on again fixes it. The old wired USB set is available in the cabinet. I don’t know yet whether there’s a problem with the devices themselves, or whether they’re just not configured properly. This will be fixed by Monday. Please give me a call if you’re having trouble.

Thanks to Ron Ancell for noticing Sunday’s Simutek ad and to Christine for her help.

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Pima County GS Sponsoring a Writer’s Contest

Pima County Genealogy Society recently announced their first annual writing contest open to any member who wants to “flex their writing muscles”.  They will be giving cash prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners and you will have until next April to polish up your entry.  Click on this link to read more info from their web site.

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State Records and

Some states have an agreement with The state gives Ancestry access to one or more record collections and Ancestry puts them online. The state announces access to these records is free but only to its residents. Since many club members have their primary residence elsewhere I thought this might be of interest.

State agencies I’ve found that have this arrangement are:

These records are all available via our Ancestry subscription at the club rooms but signing up this way gives you access anywhere, though just to the state records. Other states might have the same arrangement; if you’re interested in another, ask Google. And this is ongoing; Indiana has agreed, for example, but won’t be online until next year.

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Reunion for the Mac?

Ron Ancell, one of our new members, asked me to post. He’s trying to select genealogy software for his Mac. He’s aware of Family Tree Maker but is looking into Reunion and would like to talk to any club members who use it. He can be reached at 520-471-7078 or

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Books on Early Kentucky and Tennessee

KYTNA group of books was donated recently to our club library. Three of them are:

All three are “source-books of genealogical data” in the words of one reviewer. The first is shelved in US/Kentucky and the second two in US/Tennessee.

None of them is available online, as far as I can tell, and one is out of print. The contents of one was available briefly as a database on but has since disappeared. Not everything is in computers!

Thanks to whomever donated these; sorry but I didn’t get your name. Please let me know who you are if you’d like to be acknowledged in a future post.

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