The new Mentoring program

At Tuesday’s general meeting I brought up the new business of mentoring to our club members who just can’t seem to get started on their personal trees. Either through intimidation of web sites or fear of the computers, there are more then a few who need some personal one-on-one help. The Board agreed that we should enlist the more confidant computer users in our club to assist the others with at least a one hour training session. So if you want to be a mentor to others, just send an email to me at: telling me where your expertise is best suited. Also, tell me which tree software you use (Legacy, FTM, etc.) so I can have you train on the proper software.
Now, if you would appreciate the club’s help in getting started with your personal searches, use the same email as above and tell me which country, state or locality you want to search. It will be imperative that you have some rudimentary knowledge of computers and have made a decision on which software you want to use.
I will give the names of those requesting help to a mentor who may be searching in the same general area and hopefully we can at least get you started on your search efforts.
The only times for this personal teaching will be after 3PM each day. We do not want to disturb other users of the computers by talking and so forth.
Drop me an email and consider this to be an early Christmas present from your Genealogical Society.

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