DNA Books

Our library has two new DNA books. We already had seven but the newest was ten years old. It doesn’t even mention the type of testing  (autosomal) that’s now the most widely used. It was time for some new ones. Both are on our DNA shelf, which is a little hard to find. It’s on the right-hand side as you enter the room, at the bottom of the second big bookshelf.

NextGen Genealogy: the DNA connection” (Libraries Unlimited, 2014, 173 pp.) is by David R. Dowell. He’s a genealogist and librarian and also wrote “Crash Course in Genealogy.” Dick Eastman devoted this recent post to a review of the book.

Genetic Genealogy: the basics and beyond” (AuthorHouse, 2013, 262 pp.) is by Emily D. Aulicino. More details on her and her book are given in this post at a UK blog.

If you have a Kindle or similar, you might be interested to hear that “Genetic Genealogy” is available at Amazon for only $3.03. That’s a bargain; our library’s paperback was $18.

It looks to me like “NextGen” is better for the science and doesn’t cover much else, while “Genetic Genealogy” discusses practical matters like who should have which test and why, with perhaps a weak coverage of the science. But I haven’t read either one myself. (Art & Teri Petty have; maybe give them a call.)

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